Benito's bizcochitos = Los bizcochitos de Benito

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Author: Baca, Ana
Publisher : Arte Público Press
isbn: 9781558852648
eisbn: 9781611920031
Place of publication:  Houston , United States
Year: 1999
Pages: 32


Many children—and quite a few grown-ups, too—know the delicious taste of bizcochitos. (Indeed, the bizcochito has the unusual distinction of being the official “state cookie” of New Mexico!) But how many people know the secret of how the bizcochito first came to be? Ana Baca does, and she shares it with us in a charming fable, Benito’s Bizcochitos / Los bizcochitos de Benito.
The book concludes with a bizcochito recipe that adventurous young readers may enjoy trying out with the help of a friendly adult—or, perhaps, vice versa.



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