A Bean and Cheese Taco Birthday = Un cumpleaños con tacos de frijoles con queso

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Author: Gonzales Bertrand, Diane
Publisher : Arte Público Press
isbn: 9781558858121
eisbn: 9781611929751
Place of publication:  Houston , United States
Year: 2015
Pages: 32


Seven-year-old Dario is excited about his brother’s upcoming fifth birthday. He can’t wait for the party, and imagines one similar to his own with lots of friends and presents. So he’s surprised when Ariel requests a simple celebration at the park eating bean and cheese tacos and blowing bubbles. “But, Ariel,” he asks, “don’t you want to go somewhere special on your birthday?” It doesn’t seem like a party to Dario without video games and pizza! On Ariel’s birthday, the boys are happy to go to the park rather than their usual after-school program. The day is full of surprises, from Ariel’s birthday present—a remote-control sailboat they enjoy playing with at the pond—to an empty playground and even a kind park ranger who offers a tour in his Jeep. Who would have thought an afternoon at the park with family and bean and cheese tacos could be so much fun? Kids will begin eagerly planning their own birthday celebrations after reading this engaging book by acclaimed children’s book author Diane Gonzales Bertrand. She once again entertains young readers ages 4 to 8 with a sweet story about the joys of time spent with family and the surprises that come from making assumptions.

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