Church Life between the Metropolitan and the Local : Parishes, Parishioners and Parish Priests in Seventeenth-Century Mexico

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Serie: Tiempo emulado. Historia de América y España
Author: Lundberg, Magnus
Publisher : Iberoamericana Vervuert
isbn: 9788484895589
eisbn: 9783954872831
Place of publication:  Madrid , Spain
Year: 2011
Pages: 278


Church Life between the Metropolitan and the Local is a study of parishes, parishioners and parish priests in central Mexico during the first half of the seventeenth century. Using a number of different genres found in archives and libraries on both sides of the Atlantic, the book gives a multifaceted picture of the parish life. It addresses metropolitan norms for the ministry as well as priestly and indigenous interpretations of the day-to-day life in the local church. Throughout the book particular emphasis is put on the interface between the indigenous parishioners and their parish priests, thus contributing to a closer study of the slow-moving processes of religious indoctrination and religious change in central Mexico a century or more after the Conquest.



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