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Jewry Guide of Girona

Jewry Guide of Girona

  • Author: Alberch i Fugueras, Ramón
  • Publisher: Libros Certeza
  • ISBN: 9788472131859
  • Place of publication:  Zaragoza , Spain
  • Year of publication: 2004
  • Pages: 131

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A Guide to the Girona Jewry is the first popularisation to inform us of Girona´s Jewish community over a period of more than five centuries, at the same time as bringing us on a sort of historical route through the maze of narrow, hilly streets that make up this important Jewwish district, bringing the reader into contac with it on a journey of permanent discovery.

The book is rounded off with various illustrations marking the most important places and material remains, as well as a general bibliographyfor those who would like to go deeper into Jewish Girona´s history.