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Afrodita en el trópico

Afrodita en el trópico

Erotismo y la construcción del sujeto femenino en obras de autoras centroamericanas

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This collection of essays investigates a new and relevant phenomenon in the writings of Central American women writers of the 20th Century: the uninhibited approach to the theme of eroticism. The sixteen scholars included in the work examine the presence of the topic in this literature and the manner in which it serves to construct the feminine subject. Several of the articles discuss the revolutionary nature of eroticism in women?s literature. This revolution is analyzed in the altered nature of fictional, personal relationships and domestic settings, as well as in the political realm. The articles bring different critical approaches to bear on the works of authors such as Gloconda Belli, Jacinta Escudos, Gloria Guardia, Ana Istarú, Luz Méndez de la Vega, Michele Najlis, etc. "Este trabajo es, sin lugar a dudas, imprescindible para los que se interesan en el tema, y fuente obligada de referencia para los que quieran estudiar a fondo la producción poética de las mujeres centroamericanas".-Lourdes Rojas, Revista de Folología Hispánica.