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Northern deserts

Northern deserts

  • Author: Fernández, Nacho; Rodríguez, Txani
  • Publisher: Editorial Saure
  • Serie: The cap
  • eISBN Pdf: 9788492797578
  • Place of publication:  Villarreal de Álava , Spain
  • Year of publication: 2010
  • Pages: 49

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It is Manuel’s last day at school. He is happy, because at the end of it, he will be leaving Sydney to meet up with his family. Some weeks ago his father went to work in Darwin as a crocodile keeper in the Kakadu National Park, and his mum and his little sister went with him. Manuel and his family come from the Tumbes river basin in Peru, a place where there are also crocodiles. The fact that his father was familiar with these reptiles was instrumental in winning him the job in the first place.