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Faith in the three-person god

Faith in the three-person god

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"It is truly a pleasure for me to present this book of theology, “FAITH IN THE THREE-PERSON GOD,” written by Father Juan Manuel García de Alba, S.J. This is a book about the fundamental mysteries of our faith as expressed in the Creed. The author makes an effort to present the compendium of our faith in a clear and simple manner. His treatise, while not absolutely original, is unusual. It takes as its starting point the faith in which we were baptized and that we already possess, by the grace of God. He undertakes a wide-ranging Biblical analysis and works up to the high point that was reached in the Trinitarian and Christological councils in the first centuries of the Christian era. He highlights the profound relationship between each human person and God in Three Persons, but especially the Catholic Christian’s relationship with God the Father of Jesus and our Father; with Jesus Christ the Lord of all times, places and persons; and with the Holy Spirit, the gift bestowed on each member of the Body of Christ that is the Church."