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Tortura y transición democrática. El caso Téllez

Tortura y transición democrática. El caso Téllez

  • Author: Gallardo, Juan José
  • Publisher: Carena Editores
  • Serie: Ensayo
  • ISBN: 9788496357525
  • eISBN Pdf: 9781441665140
  • Place of publication:  Spain
  • Year of publication: 2007
  • Pages: 142
  • Language: Spanish

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Transition was not so sweet as they have made us believe. Already eslablished the monarchy, a part of society still was mobilizing to obtain a wide democracy and a social dismantlement of the pro-Franco structures. This movement was suppressed with great hardness. In this book it is studied this short lapse of time in which, turned all the Franco supporters in "life long democrats", allowed some changes in order that nothing really changed.