Chocolate & Cocoa Recipes

Chocolate & Cocoa Recipes

  • Author: Parloa, Miss
  • Publisher: Cervantes Digital
  • Serie: Cocina
  • ISBN: 9791222410937
  • Place of publication:  Quito , Ecuador
  • Year of publication: 2023
  • Pages: 52

The term "Cocoa," a corruption of "Cacao," is almost universally used in English-speaking countries to designate the seeds of the small tropical tree known to botanists as THEOBROMA CACAO, from which a great variety of preparations under the name of cocoa and chocolate for eating and drinking are made. The name "Chocolatl" is nearly the same in most European languages, and is taken from the Mexican name of the drink, "Chocolate" or "Cacahuatl." The Spaniards found chocolate in common use among the Mexicans at the time of the invasion under Cortez in 1519, and it was introduced into Spain immediately after. The Mexicans not only used chocolate as a staple article of food, but they used the seeds of the cacao tree as a medium of exchange.



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