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"La Celestina": A Feminist Reading Of The "Carpe Diem" Theme

"La Celestina": A Feminist Reading Of The "Carpe Diem" Theme

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This book, which offers the first feminist reading of the "carpe diem" theme in Fernando de Rojas' masterpiece, reveals a positive and liberating portrayal of female characters. The application of certain contemporary French feminist theories such as those of Helene Cixous and Luce Irigaray, elucidates Rojas' "deconstruction" process, which breaks with patriarchal attitudes towards women. "This new, provocative feminist approach to La Celestina is sure to elicit passionate reactions. Whether or not you agree with Hartunian's premise, you will enjoy this lively, unconventional book. Diane Hartunian makes us rethink our notions on La Celestina." -Barbara Mujica, Georgetown University.