Applied topology: recent progress for computer science, fuzzy mathematics and economics

Applied topology: recent progress for computer science, fuzzy mathematics and economics

Proceedings of the Workshop in Applied Topology WiAT'12

  • Author: Macario Vives, Sergio; Macario Vives, Sergio
  • Publisher: Universitat Jaume I
  • Serie: Treballs d'informàtica i tecnologia
  • ISBN: 9788480218740
  • eISBN Pdf: 9788480218801
  • Place of publication:  Castelló de la Plana , Spain
  • Year of publication: 2012
  • Pages: 198
  • Language: English

En les últimes dècades, la Topologia s'ha revelat com una poderosa eina per a escometre diferents problemes relacionats amb un ampli espectre de ciències aplicades més enllà de les matemàtiques, com ara Economia, Intel·ligència Artificial, Ciències de la Computació o Sistemes Dinàmics. El present volum recull les ponències del Workshop in Applied Topology WiAT'12, celebrat al juny del 2012 a la Universitat Jaume I, on van participar diferents grups d'investigació de l'àrea de la Topologia General i les seues Aplicacions.

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  • Credits
  • Scientific Committee, Organizing Committee and Sponsors and Collaborating Institutions
  • Contents
  • Preface
  • Plenary lectures
    • Autonomous and Non-autonomous systems. Applications to models in Economy By F. Balibrea and M.V. Caballero
    • A comparison of the topological entropy and the scale function in locally compact groups By F. Berlai, D. Dikranjan, A. Giordano Bruno
    • Topologies on fuzzy numbers By J.J. Font and M. Sanchis
    • On completeness and completion of fuzzy metric spaces By V. Gregori
  • Contributed lectures
    • What is a finite mean? By J.C. Candeal and E. Induráin
    • Representability of interval orders: semiorders, separability and continuity By A. Estevan-Mugertza
    • Some topologies defined by weak selection topologies By S. García Ferreira, H. Tomita, T. Nogura and K. Miyazakia
    • Some aspects of the standard fuzzy metric By V. Gregori, J.J. Miñana and S. Morillas
    • On strict and double insertion theorems By J. Gutiérrez García and T. Kubiak
    • Injectivity in T0-ultra-quasi-metric spaces By H.-P. A. Künzi and O. Olela-Otafudu
    • Fuzzy pseudometrics. A representation theorem By I. Mardones-Pérez and M.A. de Prada Vicente
    • Is the aggregation of extended quasi-metrics an extended quasi-metric? By S. Massanet and O. Valero
    • On midpoints and the aggregation of quasi-metrics By S. Massanet and O. Valero
    • Homological Spanning Forest and Parallelism By H. Molina-Abril and P. Real
    • A pointfree approach to the construction of the Dedekind completion of C(X) By I. Mozo Carollo
    • Convergence in the lower supremum quasi-pseudometric By T. Pedraza, J. Rodr guez-López and S. Romaguera
    • The set of formal balls of a complete fuzzy metric space viewed as a continuous domain By L.A. Ricarte and S. Romaguera
    • Remarks on the Heckmann quasi-metric of a weightable quasi-metric space By S. Romaguera.
    • Applications of fractal dimension to finance By M.A. Sánchez-Granero, M. Fernández-Martínez and J.E. Trinidad-Segovia
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