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Lines of Thought

Lines of Thought


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This book brings together twelve essays published between 1983 and 2015. They reveal the author's continuing interest in what is argued here to be the central, although subversive and recessive line of thinking in American and western society. This romantic thread is followed mainly from Ralph Waldo Emerson through Emily Dickinson to Martin Heidegger and Stanley Cavell. Aquest llibre reuneix dotze assajos publicats entre 1983 i 2015, que revelen el continu interès de l'autor en el que s'argumenta ací com la línia de pensament central, encara que subversiva i no dominant, de la societat americana i occidental. Aquest fil romàntic és seguit principalment des de Ralph Waldo Emerson fins a Martin Heidegger i Stanley Cavell, passant per Emily Dickinson.