Political Concepts and Time: New Approaches to Conceptual History

Political Concepts and Time: New Approaches to Conceptual History

  • Author: Fernández Sebastián, Javier (ed.)
  • Publisher: Ediciones Universidad de Cantabria
  • Serie: CUP
  • ISBN: 9788481026092
  • eISBN Pdf: 9788481028720
  • Place of publication:  Santander , Spain
  • Year of publication: 2011
  • Year of digital publication: 2018
  • Pages: 442

The essays compiled in this volume, written by distinguished experts, present a broad panorama of the most important methodological challenges faced by conceptual history today, as well as some more specific contributions regarding the temporal dimension of certain modern concepts. At a moment when time and concepts –and political concepts in particular– are no longer obvious and taken for granted but have themselves become historical matter, this book does not limit itself to an updating of the state of the art; it also offers very useful lessons for the development of future research into this fieldc

  • Cover
  • Title page
  • Copyright page
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgments
  • Notes on the Contributors
  • Introduction. The Relevance of Conceptual History Javier Fernández Sebastián
  • Part I. Conceptual History and Neighbouring Disciplines
    • 1 Begriffsgeschichte as the History of Theory. The Historyof Theory as Begriffsgeschichte: An Essay Hans Erich Bödeker
    • 2 From Ideas to Concepts to Metaphors: The German Tradition of Intellectual History and the Complex Fabric of Language Elías José Palti
    • 3 Ideology and Conceptual History: The Interrelationshipbetween Method and Meaning Michael Freeden
    • 4 The Cultural History of Intellectual Practices: An Overview Peter Burke
    • Part II. Temporalizing Experiences and Concepts
    • 5 ‘Temporalization’ and Political Modernity: A Tentative Systematization of the Work of Reinhart Koselleck Alexandre Escudier
    • 6 Contingency, Political Theory and Conceptual History Kari Palonen
    • 7 National Cultures, Transnational Concepts:Begriffsgeschichte Beyond Conceptual Nationalism Pim den Boer
    • 8 With an Eye on Future Research: The Theoretical Layersof Conceptual History João Feres Júnior
    • 9 Language, Experience and Translation:Towards a Comparative Dimension Jörn Leonhard
    • Part III. On the Historical Semantics of Modern Times
    • 10 Begriffsgeschichte and the Modern Concept of Power Giuseppe Duso
    • 11 Memory, Iconology and Modernity: A Challengefor Conceptual History Faustino Oncina Coves
    • 12 The Temporality of Historical Forms of Individualizationin Modern Times Jacques Guilhaumou
    • 13 ‘Riding the Devil’s Steed’. Politics and HistoricalAcceleration in an Age of Revolutions Javier Fernández Sebastián
  • Appendices
    • I Reinhart Koselleck. A Commemorative Speech Christian Meier
    • II European Conceptual History Project. Mission Statement


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