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The value of your life

The value of your life

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"Many years ago Harnack said that Jesus had been a

genius because of his penetrating ideas about the

human person. I believe that was not the only reason

he was a genius. You might ask: What are your ideas

about the human person? About yourself? About


The importance and meaning of others has a direct

and profound connection with people's attitude

toward the world, life, their possessions and mainly,

the idea they have of themselves.

This book attempts to reflect anthropologically

using the Bible as a basis. My intention is to offer a

descriptive anthropology of values and meanings that

is concrete, dynamic, historical, personal, and practical;

an anthropology that helps present-day people to

value their life and that of others. For this reason, the

book avoids abstract, timeless, generic reflections on

the presence of human beings in the past."