Iberoamericana Vervuert

Bookseller and publisher founded in 1975 in the city of Frankfurt and with head offices in Madrid and also in Mexico. The publishing program is primarily academic and includes books on Latin America and Spain whose topics are:

  • Critic and history of Hispanic language literatures 
  • History and Cultural Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Politics, Society and Art
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Acis y Galatea Acis y Galatea Cañizares, José de
Afro-Latinoamérica, 1800-2000 Afro-Latinoamérica, 1800-2000 Reid Andrews, George
Alonso, mozo de muchos amos Alonso, mozo de muchos amos Alcalá Yáñez y Rivera, Jerónimo de
Amar su propia muerte Amar su propia muerte Espinosa Medrano, Juan de


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