Digitalia is designed to be a useful tool for Libraries and all their users, in order to access new content of high quality in Spanish Language. Libraries can access Digitalia in two ways: purchasing the content they want, or suscribing yearly the full text content of our database. Here are some points that can help you to better understand our access policies.

1. What is permanent access?

Digitalia database is available together as a complete collection, but are also segmented into parts that are available separately, thus allowing customers to tailor the content to their particular needs. The permanent access model allows the organization access in perpetuity to the databases for which permanent access has been purchased.

2. What about a license agreement?

The license agreement was developed by a team of librarians and has been designed to address the needs of academic and public libraries, research institutions, K-12 schools, historical societies, or any organization.

3. How is access to the database provided?
Institutional customers access the Digitalia information retrieval system online via IP (internet protocol) address.

4. Once an order is placed, how quickly do we gain access?
Upon completion of a welcome letter confirming the order, contact information and IP information, you will obtain access within 24 hours during Monday-Friday.

5. Can our library gain access to usage records for the database?
Absolutely! Digitalia is keenly aware of the increasing need for institutions to measure the value return of their purchased online content. We provide usage statistics to better understand what use of Digitalia is being made at your institution. Our system is designed to be both generalized and extensible, meaning it can be used to retrieve a variety of usage reports

6. Is there an annual maintenance fee?
Yes. The maintenance fee is a flat amount, and is not dependent upon the number of collections collectively obtained or held.

7. Is a free trial available for the database?
Yes. Trials are available for a two week period. To receive information regarding a free trial, please contact us.

8. Are MARC records available?
Yes. MARC 21 records have been added to DIGITALIA, one for each publication title (magazine, newspaper, book) in the databases
If you wish to load MARC records into your library's OPAC, contact DIGITALIA and we will send the importable MARC records to you, by FTP or email.

9. What is an annual subscription?
Institutions may elect to subscribe to Digitalia on an annual basis. Annual subscriptions provide access to all of the complete collections. Pricing is based on an institution's enrollment of full time equivalent (FTE) students, or other population served.

10. What does my annual subscription fee include?
Any institution (academic libraries, public libraries, research institutions, K-12 schools, historical societies, or any organization) that subscribes to Digitalia receives access to all of the collections, including any new content that is added throughout the term of their subscription. Institutions are charged a set rate based on their FTE (full-time equivalent) population served.

A subscription to the entire Digitalia online database includes complete access to hundreds of thousands of fully searchable full-text pages and to images from a variety of magazines and books. 


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