The New Ruralism

The New Ruralism

An Epistemology of Transformed Space

  • Author: Resina, Joan Ramon; Viestenz, William (eds.)
  • Publisher: Iberoamericana Vervuert
  • Serie: --Sin Colección
  • ISBN: 9788484896562
  • eISBN Pdf: 9783865279972
  • Place of publication:  Madrid , Spain
  • Year of publication: 2012
  • Pages: 220

Presents new ways of understanding the old dichotomy city vs country in an effort to think through the epistemological and artistic implications of the modern antinomy's demise, whereby the non-city ceases to be the city's absolute other.

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  • Introduction: The Modern Rural
  • 1. Neo-ruralism in the European Context. Origins and Evolution
  • 2. A Semi-Peircean Essay on «New Ruralism» by Means of Nature
  • 3. Can Suburbia Think?
  • 4. Sertão, City, Saudade
  • 5. The Come Back of the Province. Giovannino Guareschi’s petits récits As Postwar terza via.
  • 6. The Priorat and the Landscaping of Catalan Terroir
  • 7. Rural, Conceptual: The Non-Urban as a Significant Practice in Contemporary Catalan Culture
  • 8. Leaving the City on Foot: Four Observations on Walking, Thinking and Writing in Contemporary Catalan Culture
  • 9. De mots a terra: Linguistic Ruin in Francesc Serés’s L’arbre sense tronc
  • 10. A Catalan Peasant: Dalí’s Renewal of Surrealism
  • 11. Geology and Literature
  • 12. That
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