An ethics beyond : posthumanist animal encounters and variable kindness in the fiction of George Saunders

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Serie: Biblioteca Javier Coy d'estudis nord-americans
Author: Richard Kaiser, Kevin
Publisher : Publicaciones de la Universidad de Valencia (PUV)
isbn: 9788491343943
Place of publication:  Valencia , Spain
Year: 2019
Pages: 252


This study examines the fiction of contemporary American author George Saunders in terms of how it presents situations applicable to the chief notions of posthumanist ethics and how these conceptions concern nonhuman animals, which are prevalent in his writing. Posthumanist ethics can help us understand what is at play in Saunders’s fiction. Meanwhile, his texts can help us understand what is at stake in posthumanist ethics. This interdisciplinary project may be beneficial both to conceiving new notions of ethics that are more inclusive and, more implicitly, to understanding the relevance of Saunders’s fiction to the current American sociocultural climate.



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